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NTC Thermistor and Warm-compress Fascia Massage Gun, High-accuracy Temperature Control to Help Healthy Life
2023/12/26 03:12:58

With the continuous improvement of people's attention to health, more and more people are joining the ranks of fitness exercise. How to relieve muscle tension after exercise? At this time, most people will choose a warm-compress fascia massage gun to relieve discomfort and relax the body. In order to improve the comfort of using process, the warm-compress fascia massage gun on the market will choose to set NTC thermistor for temperature measurement and temperature control, so as to achieve the effect of automatic temperature adjustment.

NTC thermistor used in warm-compress fascia massage gun is to ensure safety and improve reliability, the high-accuracy temperature monitoring and temperature control of NTC during use can prevent abnormal temperature of the fascia massage gun and effectively extend its service life. The reason why the thermistor is chosen instead of other components is to take advantage of its characteristics that the resistance value is negatively proportional to the temperature to ensure that the warm-compress fascia massage gun works within the specified temperature range. Specifically:

First, NTC thermistor is placed on the massage head of the warm-compress fascia massage gun. When the fascia massage gun is activated, NTC starts to monitor the body temperature in real time. After obtaining the temperature information, the heat energy is output through the control module to heat the massage head, so as to realize the warm-compress massage and achieve the effect of relaxing the muscles and activating the body.

Second, thermistor in the warm-compress fascia massage gun is also be combined with the control switch and control module for temperature control. The suitable temperature of the warm-compress massage is 40℃~45℃, and after setting it as the temperature threshold, when the NTC thermistor detects that the operating temperature is lower than the threshold, it will continue to heat through the control module until the temperature reaches the threshold. When the operating temperature is higher than the threshold, the NTC will stop heating through the control module, and the control switch will immediately turn off the warm-compress fascia massage gun to avoid user discomfort or even burns caused by excessive temperature, enhance the user experience.

The accurate temperature measurement and temperature control of NTC thermistor improves the temperature stability and safety of the warm-compress fascia massage gun, so the first consideration is the high accuracy feature when selecting the NTC. The IT series miniature NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., with accuracy up to ±0.5%, which can meet the selection requirements of the warm-compress fascia massage gun. In addition, the small size of the epoxy head of the miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor allows it to sense temperature faster in the warm-compress fascia massage gun than other conventional NTCs.

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