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NTC Thermistor, "Goalkeeper" of Heat Pump Air Conditioner Temperature Regulation
2024/05/14 03:05:04

With the rapid development of new energy vehicle technology, thermal management system has become a key factor to ensure efficient vehicle operation and passenger comfort experience. As an important part of the thermal management system of new energy vehicle, heat pump air conditioner has become one of the key factors to improve vehicle performance and endurance mileage. NTC thermistor has become indispensable components in heat pump air conditioner due to its high temperature sensitivity, fast response and great cost-effectiveness.

Compared with traditional PTC air conditioner, heat pump air conditioner has lower energy consumption and higher energy efficiency, which can better cater to the core concept of energy conservation and environmental protection of new energy vehicle. Heat pump air conditioner mainly adjusts the flow direction of the refrigerant in the condenser and evaporator according to the measured temperature data of the NTC thermistor to ensure that the refrigerant is in the optimal temperature range, so as to effectively improve the operation efficiency of the heat pump air conditioner and prolong the service life.

Specifically, when the heat pump air conditioner is in the refrigeration state and the indoor temperature reaches the temperature threshold, the control system judges whether the surface temperature of the evaporator is too low by reading the resistance value change of the NTC thermistor, so as to avoid the occurrence of frosting. When the heat pump air conditioner is in the heating state, the NTC thermistor can also monitor the indoor temperature in real time to ensure that the system can efficiently convert the outdoor low-temperature heat energy into indoor heat energy to supply heating.

Considering that NTC thermistor is mainly used to monitor the temperature of refrigerants in the circulation process in heat pump air conditioner system, and have strict requirements for working temperature, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. recommends VT series automotive NTC thermistor, which can withstand high temperature and adapt to the temperature monitoring needs under different environmental conditions. The application of the thermistor in heat pump air conditioner also has the following advantages:

First, high accuracy: It can monitor and accurately reflect the temperature change of the refrigerant in the heat pump air conditioner system in real time, which provides reliable data support for the accurate adjustment of the control system;

Second, rapid response: It can sense temperature changes in a short time and respond sensitively, which helps the heat pump air conditioner control system to quickly adapt to environmental changes and maintain smooth operation;

Third, great stability: Automotive NTC thermistor can adapt to various harsh working environments, which ensures the long-term stability and reliability of heat pump air conditioner.

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