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Precise Temperature Control, Stable Wavelength: Application of NTC Chip in Laser
2024/05/27 03:05:22

With the continuous development of information technology, laser as the "backbone" of optical communication field, its stability and performance directly affect the quality and efficiency of data transmission. As the key of data transmission, the temperature control technology in laser will significantly affect the quality of signal transmission. Therefore, the NTC chip, as a key sensor component for temperature monitoring and temperature control, plays a core role in the process of laser temperature control.

In addition to the NTC chip, the laser is also integrated the chip, TEC, temperature control module and other components. During the working process, the laser compares the temperature information obtained by the bare chip with the preset voltage threshold, and outputs a specific voltage to TEC after corresponding processing by the algorithm. TEC will cool or heat the laser according to the direction and size of the current flowing through it to ensure that the operating temperature of the laser is maintained within a preset range, thereby stabilizing the wavelength and avoiding abnormalities in fiber signal transmission. Specifically, the upper surface of the NTC chip is connected to the pin through the Bonding process, and the lower surface is placed on the surface of TEC, and then combined with the temperature control module, so as to achieve the purpose of real-time temperature monitoring and temperature control.

Without the assistance of NTC, how would the laser be affected in extreme temperature? It will lead to unstable junction temperature, affecting its wavelength and transmission distance. When the laser is operated in a low-temperature environment, the TEC will continue to heat up when the temperature is not controlled and monitored, resulting in a higher temperature of chip and making wavelength longer. When the laser is operated in a high-temperature environment, the TEC will continue to cool down when the temperature is not controlled and monitored, resulting in a lower temperature of chip and making wavelength shorter. Therefore, the addition of NTC chip can effectively improve the accuracy and stability of laser temperature measurement and temperature control.

In order to assist the laser to obtain effective temperature data and prolong its service life, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. recommends the use of DT series gold electrode NTC chip independently developed and produced by our company, which has better consistency than the conventional silver electrode NTC chip and can efficiently improve the performance of the laser. At the same time, gold electrode NTC chip has high accuracy, which can ensure that the temperature data collection process of the laser is more accurate. Moreover, the small size of the gold electrode NTC chip is not only conducive to reducing the size and weight of the laser, but also helping to improve its integration.

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