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NTC Thermistor, "Fast Responder" In Fire Alarm
2024/06/12 03:06:24

As an important equipment in the field of public safety, the accuracy and sensitivity of fire alarm is crucial to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. NTC thermistor plays a key role in the design of fire alarm with its unique temperature sensitivity and stability.

Taking advantage of the negative proportional change of the resistance value of the NTC thermistor to the working temperature, the fire alarm can effectively realize the fire early warning, and at the same time improve the accuracy and timeliness of the early warning. NTC mainly plays the following roles in fire alarm:

First, temperature monitoring and alarm triggering

In fire alarm, NTC thermistor monitors temperature changes in the surrounding environment in real time. Once the temperature exceeds the preset safety threshold of the alarm, the resistance value of the NTC thermistor will be rapidly reduced, and the temperature data will be converted into an electrical signal through the conversion circuit and output to the control module, then the alarm circuit will be triggered to remind people to evacuate and extinguish the fire through a buzzer warning sound.

Second, temperature compensation and calibration

The working environment of fire alarm is complex, and even the slightest change in ambient temperature may affect its performance. In order to eliminate this effect, NTC can be set in the fire alarm for temperature compensation and calibration. By measuring the change of the resistance value of the NTC, calculating the change of the ambient temperature, the performance of the alarm is adjusted and optimized in real time to improve its stability and reliability.

Third, multi-sensor fusion and intelligent judgment

NTC thermistor can be used in conjunction with smoke sensors, gas sensors, etc., to form a multi-sensor fusion system. By comprehensively analyzing the data of each sensor, it is possible to accurately judge and respond quickly to fires.

In order to better improve the performance of the fire alarm, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. recommends our IT series miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor, which high sensitivity can respond quickly to small temperature changes, and is particularly important for timely identification of the weak heat release in the early stage of the fire. In addition, this NTC also has the following features:

1. High accuracy: helps fire alarm to monitor temperature more accurately;

2. Easy to integrate: Miniature insulated lead NTC thermistor has a small head size and the lead can be bent, which is suitable for integrating into fire alarms with different installation structures.

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