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Single Layer Capacitor
2019/04/23 03:04:32

In electronic circuits, single layer capacitor is used to block direct current through alternating current, as well as to store and release charges to act as filter to smooth output pulsating signal. The single layer capacitor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. production, with the advantages of small size, thin thickness (thickness is generally 0.15~0.5mm), low loss, etc., different sizes and parameters can be customized according to customers' requirements.

Small-capacity single layer capacitor is usually used in high-frequency circuits, such as radios, transmitters, and oscillators. Large-capacity single layer capacitor is often used for filtering and storing charge. Moreover, the capacitor above 1μF is generally electrolytic capacitor, and the capacitor below 1μF is mostly porcelain capacitor, other types of capacitors also include Multiplayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor, polyester capacitors, small-capacity mica capacitors and so on. The electrolytic capacitor has an aluminum shell, which is filled with electrolytes and leads to two electrodes, as positive (+), negative (-) poles, unlike other capacitors, whose polarity in the circuit can’t be connected incorrectly, while other capacitors have no polarity.

Single layer capacitor works by storing electric charges on electrodes, storing electrical energy, and usually using it in conjunction with inductors to form LC oscillation circuits. In the course of work, the charge of the single layer capacitor will be moved by force in the electric field, and when there is a medium between the conductors, it will hinder the movement of the charge and cause the charge to accumulate on the conductor, resulting in the cumulative storage of the charge.

Connect the chip capacitor to the positive and negative poles of the power supply, and after a while, even if the power supply is disconnected, there will still be residual voltage between the two pins, which can be observed by the multimeter, this situation can be indicated that the single layer capacitor stores the charge. Voltage is established between the plates of the single layer capacitor, electrical energy accumulated, this process is called charging process of single layer capacitor. A well-charged single layer capacitor has a certain voltage at both ends, and the process by which its stored charge is released to the circuit is called the discharge of the capacitor.

Single layer capacitor is one of the electronic components used in electronic equipment, so it’s widely used in blocking, coupling, bypass, smoothing, circuit tuning, energy conversion, control circuit, etc.

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