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Several Types of Single Layer Capacitors
2020/06/23 03:06:02

Single layer capacitor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., with characteristics of small size, large electrical capacity, good solderability, which are widely used in microwave integrated circuits, play a role of blocking, RF bypass, smoothing, tuning, etc..

From the type of structure type, single layer capacitors can be divided into the following types:

First, the electrode full coverage type: In the product design process, the two sides electrodes are of the same area, maximum capacitance can be provided. This design is convenient for customers to better match the capacitance width and circuit board conductor width in the process of using.

Second, electrode edge keeping type: keep edges at one end or both ends electrodes of the product. This kind of edge keeping design is able to reduce the possibility of short circuits during assembly.

Third, multi-chip array type: the combination of multiple chip capacitors, which can save the installation space and installation costs in the assembly process.

Four, binary adjustable type: multiple capacitors in a chip capacitor have a binary relationship, which is easy for customers to carry out line debugging.

Five, double electrodes series type: two capacitors are in series, coplanar waveguide, omitting the wire taping connection, which can improve the resonant frequency.

According to the ceramic dielectric of chip capacitor chip, they can be divided into the following types:

Class I ceramic dielectric: the dielectric constant of the material is small, and its characteristic is that the capacitance of the product changes linearly with temperature, and the electrical performance is stable. It is often used in the microwave circuits of high frequency and ultra-high frequency, which require high stability and reliability.

Class II ceramic dielectric: the dielectric constant of the material is large, and the capacitance change rate within the specified temperature range is large. The capacitance of the product is nonlinear with the temperature change. It is suitable for blocking, coupling, bypass and smoothing, and medium and low frequency occasions with high reliability requirements.

Class III ceramic dielectric: the dielectric constant of the material is usually larger than 10,000 and belongs to the grain boundary layer structure. The electrical capacity of the product changes nonlinearly with temperature and is often used in bypass and smooth circuits. High capacitance ratio can be achieved due to large dielectric constant.

Single layer capacitor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. with characteristics of small size, thin thickness (thickness is generally 0.15 to 0.5mm), low equivalent series, low consumption and so on, the application frequency can reach several GHz, which is suitable for small, microwave occasions and is widely used in microwave communication lines, optical transceivers and signal generators and other equipment.

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