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SLC Single Layer Capacitor
2020/07/16 03:07:01

SLC single layer capacitor has the advantages of small size, thin thickness (thickness is generally 0.15 to 0.5mm), low equivalent series, low loss and so on, its application frequency can up to several GHz, which is suitable for small, microwave applications and can be used in microwave integrated circuit, play the role of DC blocking, RF bypass, smoothing, tuning, etc.. The under surface of single layer capacitor is mostly installed by welding or bonding, while most of the surfaces are installed in the form of bonding. There are several ways to install chip capacitors:

First, the installation of under surface electrode of product, recommended to connect the circuit board with eutectic, epoxy resin conductive adhesive or solder and circuit board wiring connection.

Eutectic: use AuSn (80/20) (melting point 280℃) or similar type of solder for eutectic welding. The product should be preheated before welding under the protection of inert gas at 125℃. The welding sheet usually adopts a size specification with a thickness of 25um and a size of 1/2 of the area of the chip capacitor.

Epoxy resin conductive adhesive: A suitable amount of epoxy conductive adhesive is dropped to ensure good electrical properties of the connection and is not hollow produced.

Second, the installation of surface electrode of product, recommended the use of lead bonding process for installation, wire bonding process is recommended for installation. Thermosonic spherical welding method or wedge welding method is recommended for bonding.

With the increasing demand of single layer capacitor in the electronics industry, its development direction is as follows:

First, large capacity

In order to meet the demand of increasingly miniaturized components, single layer capacitor should also meet the requirements of small size and large capacity. After the outer dimension of single layer capacitor is basically determined, a larger capacitance value is required, and a larger dielectric constant of porcelain dielectric material is required. At present, the dielectric constant of the third ceramic dielectric can generally reach 30,000~40,000, and later it will develop to a higher dielectric constant (50,000~60,000).

Second, integration

With the continuous development of communication technology, driven by the continuous development of miniaturization, high integration and high frequency, the multifunctional composite capacitor which integrates multiple components is becoming a research hotspot.. By integrating the chip capacitor and the film resistance of the thin-film gold terminal, the bonding times in the assembly process can be reduced and the production cost can be reduced.

Third, high-pressure

With the development of T/R components, gallium nitride has been used more and more in chip circuit applications, and the components have developed to medium and high voltage and high power. Among them, the voltage is increased from 10V~30V to 50V~100V, the impulse voltage brought by radio frequency signal can reach 160V, and the single layer capacitor also needs to develop to the higher voltage to adapt to the development of T/R components.

SLC Single layer capacitor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., adopting advanced semiconductor manufacturing process, combining independent intellectual property rights, and utilizing processing technology of single layer capacitor, the high precision, mass quantity and great reliability of chip capacitor production are realized.

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