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High-frequency SLC Single Layer Capacitor
2022/02/24 03:02:11

Nowadays, with the continuous advancement of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), miniaturization of the whole machine and high frequency, SLC single chip capacitor begin to develop toward miniaturization and high frequency. Single layer capacitor, which is widely used in electronic mobile communication and electronic machine equipment, has the characteristics of small size, thin thickness, low loss, excellent RF and so on. It can be used for oscillation, coupling, filtering and bypass in various electronic machine. However, most single layer capacitor in the market have the disadvantages of poor RF parameter, small capacity, low voltage resistance,etc., so it is necessary to develop a high-frequency SLC single layer capacitor. EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. introduces a single layer capacitor, which has large capacitance, small size, high voltage resistance, low equivalent series resistance and great high-frequency microwave characteristics. The specific preparation steps are as follows:

First, the low-burned X7R ceramic powder of barium titanate system is used as the main base material, the oxidizer and glass sintering auxiliary are sanded and mixed in proportion, then the dry mixture is obtained after drying;

Second, after the dry mixture is pre-fired, the multi-layer low-temperature sintered capacitor ceramic powder is obtained by drying, grinding and refining;

Third, the multi-layer low-temperature sintered capacitor ceramic powder, anhydrous ethanol, dispersant, antifoamer and adhesive are mixed by ball milling to get slurry. The slurry is poured onto PET film at the injection port of flow-casting machine. After passing through the scraper and heating zone, a stable and tough micron thickness ceramic film is formed, then cut to obtain a raw ceramic diaphragm;

Fourth, the raw ceramic diaphragm is perforated, and the through-hole gold paste and the inner electrode gold paste are used to print the through-hole and inner electrode;

Fifth, the diaphragm with the through holes and the raw ceramic diaphragm with the inner electrode paste are stacked according to the position markers, and the embedded structure similar to MLCC is formed by isostatic pressing, in which the parameters of isostatic pressing change with the thickness of the product;

Sixth, the thick film printing method is adopted, and the gold electrodes are printed on the upper and lower surfaces of the chip capacitor bar blank with gold paste;

Seventh, the chip capacitor bar blank is placed on the burnt plate, the organic matter in the chip capacitor is discharged from the room temperature through 20h~48h slowly rising to 400℃~600℃, then sintered; Placed in the high temperature electric furnace for sintering, sintering temperature is 900℃±50℃, holding time 2h~5h;

Eighth, high-frequency SLC single layer capacitor with required size is obtained by precise dicing technology.

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