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Material Preparation of Single Layer Capacitor
2023/03/07 03:03:56

The great microwave frequency and high dielectric constant of single layer capacitor make it widely used in microwave device, RF device, LED and other electronic devices that require micro-assembly processes. In order to obtain a high dielectric constant, the semiconductor ceramic grain of the conventional single layer capacitor must be ≥ 30μm, which is easy to cause water vapor to be absorbed on the side grain boundary in high temperature and high humidity environment, resulting in the decrease of insulation resistance of single layer capacitor.

In view of the shortcomings of the existing technology, EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. introduced a single layer capacitor, which has excellent performance and solves the problem of the decrease of insulation resistance of the single layer capacitor in the high temperature and high humidity environment. The material ratio of the grain boundary layer of this single layer capacitor is TiO2 60~65%, SrCO3 33~39%, La2O3 0.2~2.5%, and the formula also includes additives, the additive is one or more of Ta2O3, Nb2O3, Al2O3, SiO2, MnCO3 or CuO. The specific preparation method is as follows:

First, the material is mixed with deionized water for 10~20 hours, and then dried and crushed;

Second, the crushed material is calcined at 1200℃~1300℃ for 2~3 hours, and then crushed and sieved; 

Third, the sifted material is added to the additive, the proportion of which accounts for 0.1~1.5% of the total weight, and the film is cast after mixing for 10~20 hours;

Fourth, put the semiconductor film in the air and drain the glue at 500℃~1200℃ for 10~40 hours; Then reduce for 2~3 hours at 1400℃~1450℃ in a hydrogen nitrogen mixture with 7%~15% hydrogen content; Finally, the sintered sheet is coated with an oxidizer, and oxidized for 20~180 minutes at 750℃~1200℃ in an air atmosphere to obtain a sintered substrate for single layer capacitor;

Fifth, the substrate is cleaned and sputtered with titanium tungsten, nickel, gold, and then electroplated gold to obtain a metallized substrate;

Sixth, dice the metallized substrate to obtain the small substrate of the required size;

Seventh, the diced small substrate is dried with a centrifuge, and then put into the oven for curing at a temperature of 150℃~250℃ to obtain single layer capacitors.

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