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AT Series -- Non-insulated Lead Type NTC Thermistor
AT series non-insulated lead type NTC thermistor has good capability of heat cycle and good stability. It is suitable for the production of small home appliance, computer motherboard, charger, air-conditioning equipment, etc. Exsense Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. provide you with the most professional NTC thermistor chip and NTC thermistor components technical services, you can through the e-mail or mobile phone to contact us.
1、Small size, Fast response, High sensitivity.
2、High accuracy tolerances to +/-0.1℃.
3、Excellent thermal cycle endurance.
4、High stability.
5、Operating ranges from -40℃ ~ +125℃.
1、Home electronics
2、Electronic clock
3、CPU fan
4、Computer main board
5、Battery and charger
7、Automobile electrics
8、Liquid level sensor
9、Electric table-board
10、Battery of mobile telephone
11、Heating apparatus
Part Number Identification
Electronic Parameter Specification
Part No. R25(KΩ) B Contance
Rated Power

Dissipation Factor


Thermal Time 
AT202□3950A 2 3950 150 1.5 10
AT502□3470A 5 3470
AT103□3435B 10 3435(25/85℃)
AT103□3950A 10 3950
AT303□3950A 30 3950
AT104□3950A 100 3950
AT104□4100A 100 4100

◆The B-tolerance is ±1% when R-tolerance within ±3%, others are ±2%.

◆Special part number could be custom designed.

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