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CB Series - SMD Type NTC Thermistor for Smart Wearable
CB series SMD type NTC thermistor for smart wearable is a new product independently developed by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., LTD., has the characteristics of high accuracy, superior mechanical performance, and electrical performance support customization, which is widely used in smart wearable, smart home, IC and semiconductor device and other fields.
1. Leadless, suitable for high density surface mount
2. High accuracy, which can reach ±0.3%
3. Excellent bending strength: in bending test, the ultimate bending of the test plate can reach 10mm
4. Resistance value can be customized
5. Operating temperature: -55~125℃
1. Smart wearable devices: smart bracelets, TWS earphones, smart watches
2. Temperature monitoring of mobile phone motherboard, battery, screen, camera
3. Temperature monitoring of IC and semiconductor device
4. Smart home: temperature
5. Integrated module, semiconductor module
Part Number Identification

Electronic Parameter Specification

Max Power @25℃ (mW):

0402: ≈70



Dissipation Factor(mW/℃):





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