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Bonding Gate Resistor, Key to Increasing Power of Silicon Carbide Module
2024/07/10 03:07:34

With the rapid development of new energy vehicles, smart grids, and industrial automation, etc., the demand for efficient, reliable and compact power modules is increasing. Silicon carbide module is the representative of a new generation of power devices due to its excellent high breakdown field strength and low conduction losses. As an important part of the silicon carbide module, the bonding gate resistor developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. plays an indispensable role in assisting it to improve the overall power and performance.

Due to the high-frequency characteristic of silicon carbide module, their switching speed is very fast, and if they are not controlled, it is easy to cause problems such as overvoltage and overcurrent, which affects the long-term stable operation of the module. The addition of the bonding gate resistor can effectively balance the current, and combined with the silicon carbide chip, the drive circuit and other components, the rise rate of the gate voltage can be slowed down, the fine control of the switching process can be realized, and the stability of the silicon carbide module can be improved. In order to further help the silicon carbide module improve the power and optimize the performance, EXSENSE Electronics recommends that multiple gate resistors should be used in the design of the module scheme, and the silicon carbide chip should be electrically connected through bonding to achieve parallel/series connection to meet different current control requirements. In addition, the bonding gate resistor also has the following characteristics:

First, high accuracy, high accuracy of current balance can be maintained when the silicon carbide module is working;

Second, excellent weatherability, when the silicon carbide module is operated in extreme environments, its performance can be maintained;

Third, small size. can save the internal installation space of the silicon carbide module and meet its miniaturization development requirements.

Bonding gate resistor can also be bonded to other conductive regions of the silicon carbide module for more complex circuit functions. This layout not only increases the flexibility of the module, but also enhances its ability to cope with complex working conditions. The application of EXSENSE Electronics' DR series bonding gate resistor focuses on the collaborative optimization with the overall architecture of the silicon carbide module, which effectively meets the demand for higher efficiency of the power module.

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