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NTC Thermistor in Disposable Tympanic Temperature Probe
2019/03/01 02:03:50

Body temperature is the external reaction of human health, the monitoring of body temperature can be directly used in the prevention and diagnosis of clinical diseases. Therefore, body temperature is particularly important in the four vital signs (T-temperature, P-pulse, R_respiration, BP-blood pressure), which is at the top of the list. Medical temperature probe in body temperature measurement, can be more accurate, safer and more comfortable for patients to carry out continuous body temperature management, which plays an more and more important role in the prognosis after operation.


The common methods of temperature measurement are oral measurement method, armpit measurement method, ear temperature measurement method and so on. Today, the disposable tympanic temperature probe we introduce can form a good sealed measuring environment, measure the ear temperature accurately, to achieve high measurement precision. It is made up of medical NTC chip, flexible earplug, connecting wire and connector.


The high-precision medical NTC chip in the temperature probe is placed on the outside of the top of the flexible earplug and is directly exposed to the ear canal for more accurate to collect the signals of ear temperature. The resistance of the chip decreases with the increase of temperature, and the medical device will convert its impedance change into an electrical signal, and the body temperature value is obtained by calculation. Flexible earplug deform quickly after being squeezed, and recovery is slow after the pressure is removed, which makes it easy to measure the placement of the probe. One end of the connecting wire is connected to the NTC chip, and the other end is connected to the connector. The connector will be connected to the corresponding medical device to provide a communication interface for the temperature probe and the medical device.


The high-precision NTC chip of the disposable tympanic temperature probe can guarantee the accuracy of the measurement and the rapidity of the response. The material of flexible earplug it selected, the skin affinity is good, the patients wear more comfortable and more convenient. And it is used in single patient, which can greatly reduce the risk of cross-infection between patients, ensure patient safety and avoid medical disputes.

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