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Glucose Meter and NTC Thermistor
2019/04/26 03:04:20

With the increasing of medical technology, the developed trend of glucose meter is to maximize the comfortable level and convenience of patients by reducing the required blood samples. At present, most devices collect very small blood samples, can be taken blood from different parts, don’t need to take blood from the fingers, thus greatly reduces the pain of daily tests for patients. The NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of fast response and good stability, ensuring that the glucose meter can get more accurate test data.


Using the characteristics of temperature detection of NTC thermistor, which can help the glucose meter to make blood glucose test in the appropriate temperature environment. Blood glucose test is the use of bioelectrochemistry to react, an important factor in which is temperature. Because the activity of glucose oxidase is different at different temperatures, even blood with the same blood glucose concentration, when the ambient temperature is different, the electric current size produced by the oxidation of glucose oxidase is different. Therefore, the NTC thermistor needs to be used to detect the temperature in order to obtain the correct blood glucose concentration value. When the environment temperature is too high or too low, the glucose meter will issue an alarm to tell patients to stop operating, to prevent glucose oxidase from losing activity and getting the wrong detection value.


On the other hand, because glucose oxidase is active, in general, it has little change in activity above 20℃, and less than 20℃, the lower the temperature is, the worse activity it has. If the activity of glucose oxidase becomes worse, it will produce less electric current when reacting with glucose, thus reducing the measurement results. In order to get the accurate blood glucose values at different temperatures, the glucose meter will conduct real-time temperature detection through the NTC thermistor, as far as possible to make glucose oxidase and blood can produce electric current at different temperatures that match the blood glucose value, and then obtain the correct blood glucose value.

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