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Single-sided Dual-electrode NTC Chip for COB Bonding Technology
2019/05/16 03:05:59

With the rapid development of electronic consumer products, the popularization of the application of COB bonding technology and the pursuit of miniaturization of equipment, the bonding process of NTC chip is more and more widely used. NTC chip as a temperature sensing element, in order to improve its reaction speed, the NTC chip must be closely attached to the heating source. The bottom surface of traditional NTC chip is easy to affect other electronic lines to form a short circuit through the contact of silver paste and circuit board. And silver paste or red glue are pasted less, will easy to cause the integrated circuit tilted when bond wire. The bottom plate has silver paste or red glue will be failed to bond wire, the integrated circuit is easy to be damaged when supplement wire, and silver paste and other adhesives is easy to be aged, unstable, etc.


In order to solve this technical problem, today let’s introduce a single-sided dual-electrode NTC chip for COB bonding technology. COB is Chip On Board, which is a encapsulating technology that pastes NTC gold electrode chip or NTC silver electrode chip directly onto the PCB board with adhesive or solder, then through wire bonding to achieve the electrical interconnection of chip and PCB Board. Single-sided dual-electrode NTC chip is small size, fast response speed, high-precision temperature measurement, unlimited installed location, flexible installation, high stability, safe and reliable. On the ceramic substrate of single-side dual-electrode NTC chip, at least one metal electrode is arranged on one surface of it. All two electrodes are on one side, which is more suitable for the application of bonding process. And the side without electrode of single-sided dual-electrode NTC chip, can be pasted with red glue or other adhesives at any point to temperature measurement. Direct contact with temperature measuring point can reduce the influence of external ambient temperature, and can reflect the real temperature of the object under test, so that the accuracy of temperature measurement is higher.


Single-sided dual-electrode NTC chip has the following advantages:

1. Two electrodes are on the same side, which is more suitable for the application of bonding processes;

2. Installed location is unlimited, installation method is flexible, electrode surface doesn’t need to be welded with PCB board, so the stability is higher;

3. The side without electrode, can be pasted with red glue or other adhesives at any point to temperature measurement, the surface of two electrodes can be completed the connection through the wire jumper of bonding.


The metal electrodes of single-sided dual-electrode NTC chip are gold/silver electrode, which is good electrical conductivity, not easy to oxidize. Metal electrodes are sintered together by ceramic substrates and slurry, making them more tightly integrated, resulting in higher reliability, better stability and higher temperature accuracy for NTC chip.

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