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NTC Thermistor for Printer
2019/07/09 03:07:57

NTC thermistor is a temperature-sensitive semiconductor ceramic components, NTC thermistor, NTC chip produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have the characteristics of fast reaction, high precision, good stability, low cost,etc., which is widely used in various types of temperature-related occasions. In existing technologies, common used sealing methods are epoxy resin coating, SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) sealing, diode sealing, single-ended glass sealing, thin-film thermistor, etc.

In the printer, because the temperature of the hot roller is about 180℃ to 240℃, at the same time the hot roller is constantly rotating, in order to measure the temperature of the hot roller, NTC thermistor must has characteristics of high-temperature resistance, small size, fast reaction, easy to install. The above sealing method may not be used due to its large size or because of slow reaction speed. While single-ended thermistor with a diameter of less than 0.8mm can solve the problems, they are poor in intensity, difficult to seal, and expensive.

In order to solve the related technical problems partly, let’s introduce to a type of NTC thermistor for printer, which is designed to improve temperature resistance, and can get the data more stably in the process of temperature measurement. This NTC thermistor for printer is consisted of NTC chip coated with glass glazing layers and metal wires. The NTC chip coated with a first glazing layer, the two ends of its first surface is printed with the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer, the first electrode layer is welded with the first metal wire, the second electrode layer is welded with the second metal wire; Then the second glass glazing layer is coated on the first surface, which covers the first electrode layer, first metal wire, second electrode layer and second metal wire.

The NTC chip used for this thermistor is rectangular and its thickness is 200 to 500 μm. The first glass glazing layer is transparent glass, which thickness is 5 to 25 μm. The thickness of the first electrode layer and the second electrode layer is 10 to 50 μm, and the width is 1000 to 5000 μm. The first metal wire and the second metal wire are made of platinum wire, gold wire, nickel wire or dumet wire. The diameter of the first metal wire and the second metal wire is 100 to 500 μm. The second glass glazing layer is transparent glass, which thickness is 500 to 1000 μm.

This NTC thermistor for printer, has small size, with advantages of simple structure, easy to use, etc. When it is installed into the fixation device of printer, it can complete printing, copying and other work quickly, to meet the common needs. Its reaction time is fast, the response speed is fast, the stability is good, which can protect the equipment well, and can replace most other sealing structure small thermistor. Its cost of production is relatively low, which is easier to implement mass production, easy for sensor assembly and wire welding, can be widely used in the printer.

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