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NTC Thermistor and Combined Type Electronic Thermometer
2019/09/12 02:09:35

The NTC thermistor researched, developed and produced by EXSENSE Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., has the characteristics of fast response, excellent reliability, high accuracy (Accuracy can up to ±1%), etc., which can be widely used in various types of medical equipment. Thermometers are medical tools that can accurately measure temperature, while the traditional thermometers are mainly mercury thermometers. Usually, when using a mercury thermometer to measure the temperature of human body, the thermometer should be placed under the body's armpits or in the mouth, wait a few minutes before taking out the reading. Throughout the measurement process, not only needs to take time, but the measured temperature has a certain error. In the case of temperature measurement repeatedly, it’s necessary to record temperature data manually. In addition, traditional thermometers are designed specifically, such as thermometers are not suitable for measuring room temperature, indoor thermometers are not suitable for measuring body temperature, which limits the versatility of thermometers to some extent.

In order to solve the shortcomings of existing technology, let’s introduce a combined type electronic thermometer with NTC thermistor, which can measure temperature more quickly and get temperature measurement data more accurately. This combined type electronic thermometer includes a non-contacted thermometer host, NTC thermistor contact-type module, an ear-type infrared probe temperature measuring module, a connecting wire, a connection plug, a connection socket, a key set, an outer box, a display screen and an infrared probe module. The non-contacted thermometer host, which is respectively connected keyboard entry, software compensation, infrared probe module, LCD display screen and signal processing to constitute by microprocessor. The panel of outer box of the non-contact thermometer host has a rectangular display screen and circular key set, with a connecting plug and an infrared probe module on the side. The connecting socket connects to the NTC thermistor contact-type module and the ear-type infrared probe temperature measuring module via the connecting wire.

Combined type electronic thermometer with NTC thermistor, which measures liquid temperature and surface temperature of objects, as well as the monitoring of human body temperature changes, through infrared probe module, NTC thermistor contact-type module and ear-type infrared probe temperature measuring module; This non-contacted thermometer host displays the measuring temperature through microprocessor, makes temperature measurement faster; And the software compensation can also compensate for the difference in each person's surface temperature and body temperature to improve the accuracy of the measurement.

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