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NTC Thermistor with Function of Overheating Protection
2019/09/17 03:09:36

On the market, the developed requirements of industrial electronic equipment and consumer electronic product are getting higher and higher, such as more functional and smaller size. Therefore, the arranged density of components is getting higher and higher, and over arranged density of components will easily lead to poor cooling, which will bring great challenges to the thermal management design of the circuit. If the selection of the components is improper, the installation is unreasonable, the surrounding temperature changes beyond the design range and other issues may cause NTC thermistor cooling poor. And long working time can cause the temperature of NTC thermistors to continue to rise, result in overheating to burn down or damage around electronic components. In order to avoid this situation, it’s necessary to increase the function of overheating protection and improve the safety of NTC thermistors in the application environment.

Today, the market is basically to achieve overheating protection through the series connection of NTC thermistor and fuse-type temperature fuse, which protects the circuit when the temperature rises to the fuse point, the fuse blew itself. However, due to the fuse is not recoverable, the function of overheating protection can only work once. After overheating protection, it’s necessary to repair the machine, replace the fuse, so that the circuit function can be restored, it’s not convenient to use. Today, let’s introduce an NTC thermistor that can restore overheating protection, which is including the main NTC thermistor, the bimetallic temperature switch, the first electrode, and the second electrode. Among them, NTC thermistor is equipped with a front metallization layer and a back metallization layer; The first electrode, bimetallic temperature switch and the front metallization layer are electrically connected in turn;The back metalization layer is electrical connection to the second electrode, NTC thermistor is contacted with bimetallic temperature switch.

NTC thermistor, which can restore the function of overheating protection, is a bimetallic temperature switch in series in NTC thermistor circuit, the bimetallic temperature switch is sensitive to temperature, when the temperature rises to the action temperature, it will quickly disconnects; When the temperature drops to a certain temperature, then it closes again, return to normal working state. Bimetallic temperature switches can be moved multiple times without damage, enabling the recoverability of the NTC thermistor overheating protection function.

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