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High-sensitivity NTC Thermistor In Computer Cooling Fan
2022/04/14 03:04:02

On the market, most computer cooling fans only emit heat from the inside of the computer to the outside with the same power when they are used, which is a waste of energy. And it is just the internal hot air to go out, the cooling efficiency is poor, a large number of metal ions in the air from the outside remain inside, affecting the service life of the computer. Therefore, EXSENSE Electronics recommends placing an NTC thermistor in the computer cooling fan, so that the cooling fan can achieve high efficiency heat dissipation function.

Cooling fan using NTC thermistor to achieve high efficiency heat dissipation, cool the computer case when computer begins to run around, when computer case for high temperature operation, according to characteristic of the NTC thermistor in the higher the temperature, the lower the resistance value under the environment, in the line as the path condition, made the current through the wire transfer to the outer fan drive, in order to drive the external exhaust fan rotation. Outer fan is counterclockwise, so that the external air circulation is flowed into the inner side of the chassis, second reflow heat dissipation, and the air flow through a pipe is connected to the inside of the airbag, make its expansion, move to the upper drive sliding plates, sliding plates drive the connecting rod to extrusion expansion activities curved bar, telescopic activity curved bar compressed air flow, the inside of the tank to make out the water mist, make the third heat dissipation, In order to achieve high efficiency heat dissipation, heat discharge effect is better.

Cooling fan using NTC thermistor to achieve high efficiency heat dissipation, through the computer cooling fan inner temperature is high resulting in the air bag into the air flow and heat rise and contraction principle, expansion to the limit, on behalf of the computer inside the temperature is too high, which will hurt the computer; The driving force causes the sliding curve to rise to the highest possible height, the sliding curved plate drives the movable connecting frame to move, the movable connecting frame is used to squeeze the block inside the extrusion rod; The extrusion rod moves down to the side, and the extrusion rod squeezes the extrusion plate, so that the telescopic pressure rod moves down to the side and fits the drive switch, forming a path; The torque spring is connected with the wire connector to form a computer power-off switch, remind the user of the computer condition.

High-sensitivity epoxy resin coating NTC thermistor produced by EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., has characteristics of  small size, stable electrical performance and high cost performance, which is widely used in circuit board as temperature monitoring and temperature protection components.

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