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Circuit Faults of Chip Capacitor
2020/01/13 02:01:49

EXSENSE Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise which is specialized in the research, production, development and sales of single layer capacitor (Single Layer Capacitor, SLC). The chip capacitors of our company has characteristics of small size, thin thickness and low equivalent series resistance, plays a role of blocking, RF bypass, filtering, tuning, etc. in the circuit.

Integrated circuit is composed of countless tiny electronic components. Therefore, when the circuit is improperly designed or voltage unsteadily, it is easy to lead to circuit failure, and because of the small size of electronic components, which is difficult to check the location of the fault. Take chip capacitor as an example, in the circuit failure, due to chip capacitor is characterized by its small size, thin thickness,  once the fault occurs, through the naked eye is difficult to determine whether the fault is due to it.

So, what is the common cause of a chip capacitor failure in an integrated circuit? General chip capacitor failure phenomena include: open circuit, breakdown, electric leakage and breakdown after power on.

1. Open circuit

Once the chip capacitor is open circuit, it loses its role as a capacitor. In different circuits, once the chip capacitor has an open circuit, the specific fault phenomenons are different. For example, the chip capacitor that acts as a filtering will have an AC sound after it’s open circuit; While the sound of chip capacitor for coupling is silent after the open circuit.

2. Breakdown

When the chip capacitor breakdown, the function of RF bypass of the chip capacitor disappears. A DC circuit in the circuit fails, which would affect the working state of the AC circuit.

3. Electric leakage

When the chip capacitor has electric leakage, the insulation performance between the capacitor plates will decrease. There is a leakage resistance between the capacitor plates, causing DC current to pass through the capacitor, resulting in a poor isolation performance of the chip capacitor and a decrease in its capacity. When the coupling chip has electric leakage, it causes a loud noise in the circuit. This is a high incidence of chip capacitor fault, and fault detection is difficult.

4. Breakdown after power on

Once chip capacitor with working voltage has breakdown, after power off, its performance is not breakdown; When the multimeter is used for detection, it does not show the characteristics of breakdown. In the case of electrification, the DC voltage at both ends of the chip capacitor is measured. If the value is zero or too low, the capacitance performance is affected.

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