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Single Layer Capacitor for Wide-band RF
2022/09/26 03:09:07

Single layer capacitor is ceramic chip capacitor developed to meet the requirements of high frequency, high integration, miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability of electronic components. Compared with multi-layer ceramic capacitor, single layer capacitor has fewer electrode layers, and use sputtering metal as the electrode structure of the external electrode, so it has lower equivalent series resistance, higher quality factor and higher reliability at high frequency and microwaves. Single layer capacitor is suitable for microwave integrated circuits and large-scale microwave integrated circuit assembly, its anti-static discharge is good, which can be connected to the circuit substrate by methods such as gold wire bonding, which is also suitable for secondary assembly, such as mounting on integrated circuit chips.

The single layer capacitor introduced by EXSENSE Electronics today is suitable for general surface mount process technology, and does not require Au-Sn back welding and gold wire welding during surface mounting, which can reduce assembly costs and is suitable for mass production. This single layer capacitor consists of a single layer ceramic medium, upper electrode and lower electrode. Among them, the upper and lower electrodes are attached to the two opposite surfaces of the ceramic medium; The lower electrode is divided into two electrodes, between which there is a electrode gap, the manufacturing method is as follows:

First, by printing or sputtering process, the upper and lower surfaces of the ceramic substrate are respectively attached to the upper and lower metal electrodes;

Second, according to the size of the product electrode, the lower electrode gap, the position of the cutting seam and the size of the design of the electrode pattern, on the substrate through lithography, sandblasting or laser etching process, so that the substrate upper and lower electrodes are formed in a pre-designed pattern;

Third, the substrate is cut according to the graphic of the product size;

Fourth, the cut substrate is cleaned, that is, single layer capacitor is obtained.

This single layer capacitor suitable for surface mount, wide-band RF is not only suitable for high-end products, but also suitable for mid-range products such as GPS, RF/microwave devices associated with mobile communications, etc.

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